Sacred Earth Mandala

Sacred Earth Mandala

The rhombus at the centre of this mandala – suggestive of African tribal patterning, is a major subversion in that it precludes the centre – to – apex circular progression of common garden variety mandalas. Despite this, a mandala is nevertheless formed around as well as within this ethnic rhomboid centrepiece. Its terracotta end paneling seals the deal regarding the aptness of the name. With its fleur-de-lis and decorative cog sprockets, the Sacred Earth Mandala is an eccentric tour-de-force of mandala artifice!

Size: 9 square feet (3 ft x 3 ft)

Fine art Giclee prints: archival ink system (naturally UV resistant to fading from sunlight) on canvas stretched around a 1.5″ deep frame, with an easy-hanging system attached to the back.

This technology uses state of the arts high resolution scanning and ensures a balanced uniform density of paint tones.