Teal Mandala

Teal Mandala

Perhaps the catalyst for creating this mandala was a trip that Nick took to India several decades ago, when he had his mind blown by the intricacy of Rajasthani tapestries and throws at a time when traditional looms were the primary method used to produce such products. Revitalizing and rejuvenating, teal is a composite of the renewing properties of green and the calmness of blue. It also symbolizes openness and clarity. For Tibetan monks, it represents the infinity of the sea and sky, while for Egyptians, it is the color of truth and faith. Nick’s go-to for this colour of acrylic paint is Opus Essential Cobalt Teal.

Size: 9 square feet (3 ft x 3 ft)

Fine art Giclee prints: archival ink system (naturally UV resistant to fading from sunlight) on canvas stretched around a 1.5″ deep frame, with an easy-hanging system attached to the back.

This technology uses state of the arts high resolution scanning and ensures a balanced uniform density of paint tones.