Ocean Mandala

Ocean Mandala

Symmetry is assured not just by rulers, geometric spacing and a keen eye for balance and a mania for correcting the slightest imbalance. What assists the overall coordination of, and instills order into, this mandala, is its consistent intersplicing of different shapes. Circles consort with diamonds. Ovals coordinate with hexagons in unerring sequence. The whole piece is an orchestra of interconnecting shapes. Unique to this painting is that unlike the Flower Garden and Deep Cove mandalas, where space crushes down so as to maximize the number of concentric circles and thus condense the richness of the whole, shapes are bold and much larger in this one. Who would think that ordinary household detritus, such as the bottom of a jar of Marmite, or the lid of a jam jar, or indeed a child’s wooden blocks, could help to ensure that same consistency of shapes! The Ocean Mandala is so named due not only to its general blueness, but also to the ship’s wheel that is its centrepiece.

Size: 9 square feet (3 ft x 3 ft)

Fine art Giclee prints: archival ink system (naturally UV resistant to fading from sunlight) on canvas stretched around a 1.5″ deep frame, with an easy-hanging system attached to the back.

This technology uses state of the arts high resolution scanning and ensures a balanced uniform density of paint tones.