Flower Garden Mandala

Flower Garden Mandala

One notable thing about Nick’s mandalas is that once a symmetrical centre is identified, it is the starting point of the mandala itself, regardless of what framing elements are planned around the outer edges of the painting. However, he never maps the entire thing out beforehand; his mandala paintings evolve organically as layer is applied to layer and the circle slowly expands. As with any composition, they are an amalgam of countless decisions and judgements being made. With this particular one, the major guiding principle is that no milimetre of space go wasted, and that the thing, once finished, look sufficiently grand by virtue of its composite flourishes. Nick is deeply inspired by the devotional filigreeing of mosque tiles; the intense aesthetical experience of standing back and taking in an entire wall comprised of many thousands of intricately detailed tiles, is quite extraordinary. The human proclivity to look within and see fathomless beauty manifested in the imaginative processes, is surely one to harness. William Morris’s floral designs were also pored over for inspiration during the process of creating this very special painting.

Size: 9 square feet (3 ft x 3 ft)

Fine art Giclee prints: archival ink system (naturally UV resistant to fading from sunlight) on canvas stretched around a 1.5″ deep frame, with an easy-hanging system attached to the back.

This technology uses state of the arts high resolution scanning and ensures a balanced uniform density of paint tones.