Deep Cove Mandala

Deep Cove Mandala

This painting was completed within a three month period while Nick was living at a place that was right on the ocean at Deep Cove in North Vancouver. In working on it he chose to depart from the multi-layered framing elements that characterize the other mandalas in this collection, and to simply focus on the symmetry of ever expanding circles within circles. At times while painting, he felt that that symmetry, which he was determined to perfect, was off in one part or other, and so entire sections would be painted over and meticulously recalculated to ensure the preservation of that symmetry within the whole. It is very much a complete mandala, in the sense that it has been allowed to continue to express itself from the very centre all the way to the outer edges. While it spreads certain colours around the entire painting that can be seen in others, this one is a departure also in its uses of deep pinks and purples.

Size: 9 square feet (3 ft x 3 ft)

Fine art Giclee prints: archival ink system (naturally UV resistant to fading from sunlight) on canvas stretched around a 1.5″ deep frame, with an easy-hanging system attached to the back.

This technology uses state of the arts high resolution scanning and ensures a balanced uniform density of paint tones.